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Fragile Earth

The Earth seems so strong but actually it is also fragile.

Our ecology, our nature, is held by a fine line and while we think we can dominate it all and do what we please, we must turn our attention inwards and realise that our nature indeed needs our help.

The mere existance of Vaskala is actually a sort of a miracle and is also held by a fine line of balance of all things. We fought long to materialise beautiful products that are done truly in a fair way, that support local communities and that don't use the last of the Earths resourses but rather add to the value of our society. Vaskala is an appeal to end wasteful fashion, fast producing and fast buying and fast-to-throw-away culture. It's an invitation to invest your energy wisely in all that you do.

At Vaskala, we love to recycle and use the old as an inspiration to create something new. That's why we take old leather cuts and weave them into new bags. Check out our handwoven collection here:

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