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I remember myself well during my studies - young and passionate about fashion. I studied fashion design and always knew that I wanted to create my own brand. To tell the truth I was hooked by the charisma of the world of design; I tried myself in all the spheres of it: painting, tailor making clothes and even interior design. I enjoyed seeing people actively engaging with my work, touching it, exploring the shapes and colours.

I created my first bag sort of by accident, as an accessory to the clothing line that I was making and, that’s when I fell in love! I chose the bags and the bags chose me! So, the idea of Vaskala was born, and on 12 August 2015, I officially established my company.

Definitely my biggest passion since has been making beautiful, long-lasting products that would adorn any outfit, a so called "little pieces of art" that you can carry with you everywhere.

I wanted to create a brand that a modern, urban woman would appreciate: it's simplicity, structure and of course the sweetness of it.

Each bag and design is a true labour of love and I am so happy I have the opportunity to share it with the world.

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