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Designed by Erika Rudika, Vaskala bag is minimalist, classy and always in trend. It has a bold, stuctured shape yet remainds incredibly feminine.

Vaskala bag speaks to a woman that knows her strengths, confident leader ready to take on the world with everything that she needs right on her shoulder.

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 Reviving the bag making industry in Baltic States we are working with the most skillful local seamstresses to insure that all products are of the finest quality. It is our promise to you that all products are locally and hand made and we will never outsource our workforce. 

What you wear and how you buy has a direct economic and environmental impact. When you buy from a small business 48% of the money goes back to the economy, in comparison to 14% return when you buy from big coorporations. 

Thank you for your choice!


Fashion industry is broken but we believe in creating change.

We feel strongly about adressing the waste problem caused by fashion businesses wolrdwide. That's why we create only classic models that will never be out of date.


But more importantly, we reuse all leather cuts  where we can to weave them into the works of art.  Each woven bag is truly unique as we adapt the designs depending on what kind of offcuts we can find. By inversting in this bag you are supporting  many exciting projects to clean up our mess. 

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