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 The name Vaskala was born from a Swedish word "väska" (bag) and "la" that stands for Latvia. Established in 2015, Vaskala has already stolen the hearts of thousands of women, to whom we are eternaly grateful

Vaskala is an established Latvian brand that presents classic high-quality leather bags and accessories staying true to the simplicity of Scandinavian design which we take as a source of endless inspiration.  

vaskala shopper bag malva color.jpg


The volcano tandem - Erika Rudika & Anastasia Potapova

Adventerous firecrackers that are just too fabulous to settle for anything mediocre. That's why we hold each other accountable to growing and realising all the wild dreams that we have thought of! 

Thank you for being with us on this journey



Buying a Vaskala bag you are supporting a minimum of 13 local families. And we aim to expand this number soon! It's our policy to only make our bags in Latvia - we truly think this is the most important value of Vaskala!


We respect our workers and pay fair salaries, creating stable job positions and comfortable work environment.

We want to be transparent in our cost and never put a price up to then put it down for sale - we believe this approach is unfair either on a customer or on the workers, either way - it doesn't feel right anymore.


So with the inflation, we decided not to bring the prices up, but also not to have any seasonal sales.


You see is what you get and these beautiful bags really cost that much to produce when you pay everyone what they deserve.



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